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CHUPHOTIC repair services uninterruptible power (UPS) and continuous automatic voltage adjustment machine (Stabilizer) all models. All brands are produced locally and imported from abroad from 500VA size 4800KVA with a team of engineers and technicians with years of experience in more than 15 years by providing customer service on Monday. Saturday 08.00 a.m. 17.00 p.m. and consulting services and solutions by phone, E-mail, Fax, 24 hours every day except holidays.
Service categories
To comply with the business and the importance of the work CHUPHOTIC has two types of service classification.
Daily service time (Per call)
Maintenance Service Agreement (MA)
Daily service time (Per call)
Daily service time (Per call) means that users check with UPS/Stabilizer hitch happened occasionall. The officer need to check UPS/Stabilizer to evaluate the price of equipment and service fees to repair at all times.

Daily service time (Per call) has 2 types:
Carry-In service.
  As the operation maintenance and repair of CHUPHOTIC service with in the Office, which is a small machine with a weight not exceeding 50 kg 500-3000 VA Line such as Interactive or True on line 500-1000 VA, etc.
County service area.
Bangkok/perimeter service zone-special (chachoengsao, Chonburi, Rayong, Samut sakhon, Nakhon Pathom, Ayutthaya) CHUPHOTIC With the transfer without additional costs

Other province to dispatch by UPS-STABILIZER taste PT, Hw or other methods of delivery to the CHUPHOTIC Officer.
Service On Site Service
  A team of engineers shipping services UPS issued user-STABILIZER for machine installation is active, which is a large heavy and inconvenient to move from small 1-1500 KVA.
County service area.
Bangkok/perimeter service zone-special (chachoengsao, Chonburi, Rayong, Samut sakhon, Nakhon Pathom, Ayutthaya) CHUPHOTIC will send a team of engineers to check for defective equipment assessment without charge. Before making a bid.

Other province damaged equipment will be assessed for CHUPHOTIC symptoms of a phone, E-mail, Fax to bid repair, if CHUPHOTIC could not estimate the price and need to check CHUPHOTIC will bid up check it physically, such as freight services.
Repair format
Fixing a point
  Repair a damaged spots, as well as a local UPS or Stabilizer repair main board or other devices inside the machine.
Warranty : warranty only original 3 month symptomatic or Kindle-1 year.
The Swop Board Main
  The repair is change the Main Board (in the case of the Main Board was broken) CHUPHOTIC Main Board series is a complete Function test the change to customers.
Warranty :1 years 3 months-Main Board.
Repair a Battery change.
  Change the Battery when the Battery expires used by the CHUPHOTIC to perform the system check Charger and both current and voltage tuning to suit the new Battery change available.
Warranty :2 years Battery warranty.
To check the Repair Overhaul
  A complete machine repair as much as possible by repairing in this manner, The officer will change the defective device and there is a risk in the long term, as well as make the system work in a comparable aircraft.
Warranty :full one-year warranty on all parts.
Maintenance Service Agreement (MA)
Annual service (MA) has 4 categories :
Annual service (MA) in a Minor
  UPS/Stabilizer insurance is only charged on the checks, maintenance, protection (Preventive Maintenance) of 4 times excluding spare parts of all kinds. In case of faulty UPS/Stabilizer the officer are quotation spare parts are synchronized to charge additional service and fees.
Annual service (MA) the Normal
  As insurance UPS/Stabilizer only spare parts of all types (except Battery) which do not have checks and preventative maintenance. In case faulty fault and ship the officer to perform the correct repairs (Corrective Maintenance) without having to pay additional service and fees.
Annual service (MA) in a Major
  As insurance UPS/Stabilizer that includes labor and service charges on checking out preventative maintenance (Preventive Maintenance) and spare parts of all types (except Battery) In case faulty fault and ship the officer to perform the correct repairs (Corrective Maintenance) without having to pay additional service and fees. (except Battery)
Annual service (MA) the Critical
  As insurance, UPS/Stabilizer that includes labor. Service fee for check preventative maintenance (Preventive Maintenance) and all kinds of spare parts, as well as the Battery in case of faulty Stabilizer/UPS fault. CHUPHOTIC will send officials to fix repairs (Corrective maintenance) without thinking of labor service. Spare parts of all kinds.
The warranty conditions :
Uninterruptible power supply UPS air flow voltage Stabilizer, which requires annual service (MA) but, CHUPHOTIC UPS/Stabilizer must be in the normal usage conditions. In case of a fault out of service recipients must provide the correct repairs, UPS/Stabilizer is working in normal conditions.Therefore, before insurance the officer will be to examine and will be sold (MA) for customers.

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